As a professional roofing company serving South West, OK, our skilled technicians have intricate knowledge about residential roofs. Call today to learn how you can benefit from our roofing service.

Most people do not pay close attention to their roofing systems until they develop leaks or lose a few shingles. However, the roof is an essential feature of your home. Not only does it shield you and your belongings from exposure to the elements, but your roof also helps the house maintain its structural integrity.

Working with a reputable roofing contractor for such a vital home exterior feature is paramount. Bradleys Construction has years of experience providing world-class roofing service to South West, OK, residents. We work with many roofing materials from leading brands and provide many roofing options for style, color, texture, and material.

At Bradleys Construction, we strive to maintain the highest level of care when working on a roofing project. Our well-trained team specializes in roofing repairs, installations, and replacements. We can also improve your home’s ventilation to improve your indoor air quality and install roof chimney caps to keep moisture from entering your home through the roof.

Your satisfaction and safety are our priority. Quality roofing service from Bradleys Construction will provide you with a durable, attractive roof that complements your home exterior and protects your house from weather, moisture and storm damage, pests, and other environmental issues. We offer roof inspections to detect minor and severe signs of wear that could cause significant problems in the future.

Roofer working on replacement asphalt shingle roof construction